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Before you simply sell a car for scrap, you need to ask a few questions. One person's dream car is another person's junk, but when you seek to sell a car for scrap, you're saying that this there isn't anyone who could want your car, or any part of it.

When you sell a car for scrap, you are most likely to receive between $50 and $100 for a clear title, and if you hunt around enough, you should be able to get free or cheap towing. The goal when you scrap a car is simply to break even.

Before you sell a car for scrap, however, you should think about a few things;

One, does it run at all? If it does, chances are very good that you can get twice as much as simply selling your car for scrap. Many junk car companies look for old and ugly cars so that they can fix them up, make them as pretty as possible, and resell them to kids and poor families whose lives would be changed by an affordable car.

Similarly, if you car was a common model that still has many models on the road, your spare parts could be worth much more than selling your car for scrap. For example, Toyotas and Hondas stay on the road a lot longer than most Americas models. Even if the car is deader than a doornail, if you have a working transmission that you had to put in 10,000 miles ago, you should get double for that part compared with selling your car for scrap.

Before you sell a car for scrap, consider that one man's castle is another man's guest house. You might double what you can get by selling for scrap, and someone else might get an affordable part or secondhand car that will give them the freedom they've been lacking. So call Junk Car Omaha and we will make you a cash offer for your junk car and tow it away for free, usually the same day.

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