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Cash For Old Car Omaha

Junk Car Omaha pays cash for old cars. No matter what the condition, we'll pick your car up for free, and will pay you cash for your old car within 24 hours.

We're different from most auto salvage and scrap metal dealers for a few reasons. First, we're not tied to any one method of handling old cars. Sometimes we scrap cars, sometimes we fix them up and sell them to used car dealers, and sometimes we sell them at auction.

This allows Junk Car Omaha to offer the most cash for your old car.

Second, we always make sure that your old car makes the smallest impact possible on the environment. While junk yards too often allow the fluids and heavy metals in old cars to seep into the earth, Junk Car Omaha will ensure that all potentially harmful contaminants are disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.

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