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Car cash is a term as old as late night television marketing. As early as the 1970's, companies were buying late night TV ads offering fast cash for your car.

Most involved a guy trying to open a car door, only to have it completely fall off its hinges. He made a frustrated face, called the number at the bottom of the screen, and had several twenties in his hand, and a smile on his face, by the end of the 30 second spot.

Today, much has changed about how Car Cash is marketed, but too little has changed about the secondary car market. The Internet has taken the used car market more national, though the cash your car is worth is still generally based on the value of its steel and used parts in the local market.

Very few cars are worth the cash needed to transport them hundreds of miles away where their parts or steel may be worth more. Most junk cars are still simply sold for their weight in recycled steel in the local market.

That said, the Internet does offer the potential to get you more cash for your car because it has increased competition in the Omaha area.

Shop around. Offer your car to used parts dealers, junk yards, used car dealers, and anyone who is offering Car Cash. The Internet offers you the ability to find a great many people who pay cash for cars including us at Junk Car Omaha.

You should never pay for towing, never have to spend more that 5 minutes providing them with information, and should never feel like you're getting the run-around. Life's too short and the options are too many so give us a call at Junk Car Omaha.

If you spend more than 8 hours trying to sell a car for $200 dollars, you're losing money. Find a professional car buyer that offers cash, as well as fast and free tow-away service. It should only require a few hours on Google, and a few phone calls, if you do it right... or just cut to the chase and call us at Junk Car Omaha.

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