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Though all definitions differ based on your perspective, a scrap car is generally one that is only worth the weight of its steel. Cars that are over 10 years old, that have over 100,000 miles, and currently don't run because of a large mechanical problem, make up the bulk of scrap cars.

However, a scrap car can also be a newer model that has been in a really bad car accident, and that your insurance company has decided is “totaled” because the cost of repair is greater than the value of the car.

Junk Car Omaha relies on finding what most people consider scrap cars, and getting either them or their spare parts back on the road. While we do end up selling some cars for their scrap metal, we make every effort to identify cars that can be fixed up and sold to used car dealers, and to break others down for spare parts.

Junk Car Omaha is a family owned and operated business who is hoping to hand our Scrap Car business down to the third generation of car buyers, and they've been loud and clear about the necessity of recycling, reusing what we can, and considering the environment in all that we do.

Junk Car Omaha needs to buy scraps in order to fund and run our business. A scrap car to us is both an opportunity to give a low income family needed transportation, and a responsibility to dispose of cars that can't be put back on the road in a Green way.

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