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The types of people who will buy, and the amount of cash you can get for your junk cars, is constantly changing. Charities and the Cash for Junk Car companies fought to a stalemate over the last decade.

When the economy was good, up to 40% of all junk cars were donated to charity. People needed the tax deduction, didn't want the hassle, and could afford to donate to charities.

At the same time, the companies that paid cash for junk cars lost market share to charities, but were able to do NE as the price of recycled steel skyrocketed. Building booms in the U.S., China, and India, coupled with Green incentives for recycling, meant that a mid size American car could be worth over $200 in scrap steel.

Things are changing in the junk car marketplace. Charitable donations have greatly declined across the board, and car donations are no exception. Building worldwide has declined in a way that experts would have said wasn't possible 5 years ago, and the price of recycled steel has collapsed. Today it's not uncommon for small cars to earn less than $40 or $50 in cash for your junk car.

On the positive side, junk cars can be worth more cash for spare parts because people are driving old cars longer. Cars that may have ended up on the junk pile 5 years ago, are now fixed up or sold for spare parts.

If you're looking for cash for junk cars, you have the same options you used to have; car donation, salvage yards, used parts dealers, and the ubiquitous cash for junk cars guys. The difference is that money is tight, the markets have changed, and it's well worth making a handful of phone calls to figure out how you can get the most cash for your junk car. Be sure to contact us at Junk Car Omaha for the most cash for junk cars.

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